Simplified Electronic Form Submission and Retrieval

Tired of chasing clients, schools, medical offices, and employment agencies for paperwork? Now you don’t have to with EzCollateral.

Start sending and receiving your agency forms electronically today!

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EzCollateral is a cloud based software that makes the data collection process automated and hassle-free! We upload your agency forms to our secure portal. You send them out for completion with just one click! No more phone calls begging people for paperwork. Our system sends automatic reminders-so you can spend time focusing on what’s most important-your clients.

Find out how EzCollateral can support your team!

Who We Serve

  • Child Protection Agencies
  • Foster Care Organizations
  • Child Advocacy Centers
  • Court Appointed Special Advocates…and more!

Upload your forms and go paperless today!

  • Foster and Adoptive Parent Applications
  • Home Study Forms
  • Character References
  • Medical References
  • Release of Information Authorization
  • School Reference Forms
  • Background Check Authorization
  • Preliminary Screening Applications
  • Employment Reference Forms
  • Interagency Forms…and More!

Let's Get Started

How it Works

01. Prepare

We build your forms. Then they’re automatically embedded for your choosing in our easy-to-use platform.

02. Send

With one click you can send a secure link to Recipients.

03. Automated Reminders

Reminders are automatically sent until completion.

04. Receive

You get your forms back in record time. Headaches gone.

App Features

Comprehensive Support

We’re not just an investigative tool for Caseworkers.

Simplified Collateral Contacts

Rearranging how you get information to measure and improve client outcomes.

No More Wasting Time

Gone are the days of snail mail, endless commutes and trips to the fax machine.

Safe & Secure

In your line of work, privacy and confidentiality are non-negotiables.

Automatic Reminders

Case Managers and Social Workers are almost always pinched for time.

21st Century Solutions

Still using hand delivery, faxing, or conventional mail for time-sensitive information? Stop the madness!

Real-Time Statistics

EzCollateral also provides monthly statistics on how long it takes to receive completed forms for monthly reports.

Multiple User Levels for Greater Functionality

Supervisors can also use EzCollateral to monitor when collaterals are sent and how long it takes to receive them.

Our Benefits


Improving Performance by restructuring the data submission and retrieval process


Providing Access to forms with any device that has an internet connection


Intuitive Screen flow because we don’t compromise on our user-friendly promise


More Effective service delivery through our electronic portal


Automated Reminders because we don’t want you chasing paperwork


Reducing Manual and redundant functions-to save time and reduce stress


Training modules with quick video and reference guides

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