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Comprehensive Support

We’re not just an investigative tool for Caseworkers. At EzCollateral, we listen because we are committed to getting what you need right. We’re there as a resource before, during, and after the fact. We offer customized solutions.

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Automatic Reminders

Case Managers and Social Workers are almost always pinched for time. To us, it just doesn’t make sense to waste precious energy making countless phone call reminders. That’s why our system sends out automated reminders until all forms are complete.

Intelligently Track Trends

Great technological choices make certain aspects of the job uncomplicated. Our solutions are simple and easy. We have Medical, School, and Employment reference templates for your choosing—or we’ll upload what you already use. You send them out with a click. You have ease of mind because our system sends gentle reminders for you.

21st-Century Solutions

Still using hand delivery, faxing, or conventional mail for time-sensitive information? Stop the madness! Sending documents electronically is the way of the future. We’ll get your agency out of the stone-age.

Customizable Settings

EzCollateral virtually eliminates the time you spent making phone call reminders. Our goal is to leave you to focus on what’s most important: effective case planning and helping your clients connect with the appropriate resources. Our tools are specifically designed for those workers who go the extra mile.


EzCollateral also provides monthly statistics on how long it takes to receive completed forms for monthly reports. No more guesswork. No more wasting hours each month. Just the information caseworkers need to complete their job.

Safe &

In your line of work, privacy and confidentiality are non-negotiables. We’ve built the EzCollateral platform with that in mind. You can confidently send and receive the forms you need to close and/or updates your cases on our HIPAA compliant servers.

Multiple User Levels for
Greater Functionality

Supervisors can also use EzCollateral to monitor when collaterals are sent and how long it takes to receive them. This reduces time spent following up with workers who may be out in the field with their clients. Supervisors appreciate our system because certain aspects of monthly reports are now just a click away! Contact us for a quick Demo!

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