For the caseworker who’d much rather solve problems than
chase paperwork.

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Our Services

Fast, easy, and secure electronic form submission and retrieval.

01. Prepare

We build your forms. Then they’re automatically embedded for your choosing in our easy-to-use platform.

02. Send

With one click you can send a secure link to Recipients.

03. Automated Reminders

Reminders are automatically sent until completion.

04. Receive

You get your forms back in record time. Headaches gone.

Our Features


Comprehensive Support For Social Workers and Case Managers

We listen because we are committed to getting what you need right.

Automatic Reminders

Because we know you and your recipients are usually pinched for time.

Simplified Collateral Contacts

Rearranging how you get information to measure and improve client outcomes.

21st-Century Solutions for Case Managers

Show your recipients you’re out of the stone-age by sending them your forms electronically.

No More Wasting Time

Gone are the days of snail mail, endless commutes and trips to the fax machine.

Real-Time Statistics

Intelligently track forms sent on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

Safe & Secure

HIPAA compliant hosting because security and confidentiality are non-negotiables.

Multiple User Levels for Greater Functionality

Supervisors and Managers get a bird’s eye view of the data you collect.

Are you ready to send your agency forms with EzCollateral?

No hassles. No software to install. Just easy access to a HIPAA compliant portal
that saves paper, time, and helps improve client outcomes.

Our Benefits

Our technology solutions help you focus on what matters most-your clients.



Improving Performance by restructuring the data submission and retrieval process


Providing Access to forms with any device that has an internet connection


Intuitive Screen flow because we don’t compromise on our user-friendly promise


More Effective service delivery through our electronic portal


Automated Reminders because we don’t want you chasing paperwork


Reducing Manual and redundant functions-to save time and reduce stress


Training modules with quick video and reference guides

Good technology choices make certain aspects of the job effortless.
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