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This Privacy Policy describes the privacy policies and practices of EzCollateral Web Solutions, LLC, (“EzC”) regarding the (“Web site”), and regarding EzCollateral Web Application (the “Software”), which are described in EzCollateral Web Solutions, LLC, which is available on the Web site.

Information EzC Collects to Provide the Software

A person who purchases the Software (a “Customer”) must provide his or her name, address, telephone numbers, email address, and payment information (“Personal Information”) to EzC to activate the Software. Customers must promptly notify EzCof any changes to such Personal Information. EzC may also receive other information about a Customer, such as credit information, from other sources.

EzC will consider any such additional information about a Customer as Personal Information.A Customer’s Personal Information will be retained for as long as the Customer receives the Software and for any period during which there is a dispute between the Customer and EzC.

EzC may remove data that identifies any specific Customer from Personal Information and combine such data to create “Aggregate Information.” Such anonymized Aggregate Information is not Personal Information.

Information EzC Collects from the Web Site

When Customers and others visit the Web site, EzC collects the visitor’s IP address (the unique set of numbers used to identify the visitor’s computer), and his or her registered domain or home server. EzC also collects information pertaining to the visitor’s operating system, browser version, referring site, and keywords used to locate the Web site.

EzC, its contractors and other third parties that help EzC provide the Software or the Web site (“EzC’s agents”) may use “cookies” to improve visitors’ experience at the Web site. A “cookie” is a small file placed on a Web site visitor’s computer hard drive that identifies the computer and data about the visit so that, when the visitor returns to the site, the site recognizes the visitor, which allows EzC to tailor its site to the visitor. Cookies do not contain personally identifiable information but may be linked to Personal Information that visitors provide to EzC. Advertisers that place ads on the Web site may use their own cookies. Any information collected by advertisers is not subject to this Privacy Policy.

EzC may use Web beacons, also known as “Web bugs.” Web beacons are typically small (1×1 pixel) graphic files placed on Web pages and other electronic documents that are often the same color as the background of Web page or other file. Web beacons can collect the IP address of the computer that the Web beacon is sent to, the URL of the page the Web beacon comes from, and the time the Web beacon was viewed. EzC does not place Web beacons that link to Personal Information on other sites, nor does EzC permit third parties, other than those working on EzC’s behalf, to place them on EzC’s site. EzC may use Web beacons on the EzC web site and may link a particular beacon to personal information.

If a visitor requests information or orders the Software from EzC by sending EzC an e-mail or by filling out a registration form on the Web site, EzC may save the visitor’s e-mail address and any other information that the visitor provides. This information may be used by EzC to provide the Software or products the visitor requests and to contact the visitor in the future by mail, by e-mail, or by phone to convey information about EzC’s Software. Such information also allows EzC to respond to visitors’ inquiries concerning career opportunities at EzC. Visitors will always be provided with the option not to be contacted or to unsubscribe if they register with the site.

How Information Is Secured

EzC uses a variety of physical, technical, and procedural safeguards to guard against loss, misuse, and alteration of Personal and Location Information. For example, Location Information transmitted from Devices to EzC is encrypted; access to personal information is limited to EzC and contractor personnel who need the information to provide the Software; and EzC uses and requires its contractors to use technical measures to guard against unauthorized access to personal and location information by using HIPAA compliant hosting.

How EzC Uses Customers’ and Web site Visitors’ Information

EzC uses each customer’s personal and location information to provide the software to that customer. EzC does not collect information of any kind other than to provide the software. EzC does not currently share, sell, or rent any personal or location information or information collected from the web site to any third parties, other than to EzC’s agents, and does not intend to do so in the future.

Right to opt-out: any customer who does not want EzC to share, sell, or rent any personal or location information or information collected from the web site to any third parties, other than EzC’s agents has the right to opt-out of such potential information sharing.

EzC may share personal information, location information, and information collected from the web site with EzC agents, corporate affiliates, or advisors who help EzC operate and improve its business. EzC has entered into written agreements with its agents, corporate affiliates, and advisors to which it discloses personal information, location information, and information collected from the web site that requires them to adhere to pertinent provisions of this Privacy Policy and the Safe Harbor Principles issued by the U.S. Department of Commerce, which are available at EzC also prohibits its agents, corporate affiliates, and advisors from using any information disclosed to them byEzCfor purposes other than implementing EzC’s instructions. EzC may use Aggregate Data to analyze how Customers use the Software to determine ways in which EzC can improve the Software and to consider offering new services to Customers. EzC may also use information collected from the Web site to analyze traffic to the Web site to determine how to improve the site. EzC may also use information from a Web beacon to ensure that a Customer can move between EzC technical assistance web page, the customer service page, and EzC’s online store and still be recognized as the same customer.

EzC may use or disclose personal and location information and information collected from the Web site: to comply with applicable laws; to protect the rights and property of EzC or others; to protect a person’s safety; to prevent abuse; as evidence in legal proceedings; to cooperate with properly authorized law enforcement investigations; and in response to subpoenas from third parties. EzC will use good faith efforts to promptly notify a customer of any subpoena that seeks any of the customer’s personal or location information to enable the Customer to seek to quash the subpoena. Finally, EzC may disclose or sell personal information and information collected from the web site as an asset in conjunction with the sale of EzC to a third party or in conjunction with the sale of a portion of EzC’s assets.

Children’s Information

EzCrecognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of children. EzC will not knowingly collect any personally identifiable information from children. Personal Information collected from a Customer must be information from an adult. Consistent with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, the web site is not directed to minors. When a visitor to the web site discloses information on the web site, the visitor represents that he or she is an adult. If a child visits the web site and provides his or her personally identifiable information, EzC will delete that child’s information from its records at the request of the child’s parent or guardian.

Information Collected by Others

This Privacy Policy addresses only the policy and procedures of EzC. EzC is not responsible for the privacy policies of third parties, including but not limited to those whose web sites may be linked to the EzC web site.


If a customer believes that his or her rights as described in this Privacy Policy have been violated by EzC, the customer should contact customer service or send a letter to EzCollateral Web Solutions, LLC (see Contact Us). EzC will attempt to resolve customer complaints as quickly as possible. If EzC is unable to resolve a customer’s complaint regarding an alleged violation of this Privacy Policy, the customer may file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority for the country in which the customer lives.

Amendments to this Privacy Policy

EzC reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add to, or remove any portion of this Privacy Policy, in whole or in part, at any time. EzC will include such Amendments on the version of this Policy that is posted on the website. Amendments to the Policy will take effect immediately upon being posted to the Web site. Customer’s continued use of the Software after EzC posts an amendment constitutes customer’s acceptance of and consent to the amendment. If customer does not accept such an amendment, customer must notify EzC within 30 days after EzC notifies customer of the amendment that customer has elected to terminate the software rather than accept the amendment. EzC will not charge customer a termination fee if customer terminates the software as described in this paragraph.

By using the software or the Web site, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted this Privacy Policy. If you do not accept this Privacy Policy, please do not use the software or the web site.

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